The long passion for cars began with Gian Enrico Luzi, remembered as "Nanni Grandfather", who was in charged of racing cars participating in the Mille Miglia in the early 50's, as a mechanical co-pilot, later becoming the custodian of the primary ACI rescue point in the Marches and owner of one of the first authorized VW - Audi and Porsche workshops.
His daughter Nedda gets involved in managing the business, and starts Carrozzeria Adriatica with her husband Mario in 1955.
There are new goals: pioneers in state-of-the-art equipment, branches that are far away, and new repair departments that provide reliable services.
"Our strengths - says Mrs Nedda - have always included curiosity, the desire to stay informed about new techniques, which has enabled us to go abroad often over the years, to study different situations, and to take advantage of new innovations that could then be used in the circumstances that we work in. "

Their son, Renzo Giovannetti, also became more and more interested in his parents' business; Alongside the trusted Nadia, Renzo has been guiding the family business for over 20 years with a passion and innovative spirit.
"My dad has taught me to continually innovate, just like cars that change constantly," explains the current owner, the key to success of such a long-standing business. "Keeping in step with the times is crucial for knowing when to invest and above all to make use of technology that brings tremendous benefits to our business.
We never look back when it comes to investing in equipment, whether updates were received from suppliers or when our employees suggest testing new technologies and methodologies.
We have always been focusing on rapid and efficient production cycles, focusing on the internal logistics of the workshop, and above all, we have created healthy and clean working environments.
For example, we adopted paint water technology and installed the first harmful emission monitoring equipment even prior to when rigid legislation came into force.

The new office, inaugurated in 1999, offers a new business opportunity.
We are close to the city and well served by the main traffic arteries, with visibility also from the nearby A 14 motorway: Logistic positioning is also important today!
Here we enjoy over a thousand square meters of workshop space and the outside surface more than twice as large; The offices are large and bright, and taking care of the work environment is a goal that is beneficial for employees and for all our users, both suppliers and customers.
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