"We think a lot about the future," says Renzo Giovannetti, "because we are lucky enough to have a young employees and many years of working together lying ahead of us."
The professionalism of the staff of the Adriatico Body Shop is crucial to ensuring the best possible service for the customer.

The technicians are Massimo and Simone; The former has more than twenty-five years of experience in our workshop, while the latter is a very valuable employee since 2001.
The painting sector is entrusted to Graziano, Claudio, Cristian and Alessandro. Every day, "they see it in all kinds of colors" ...
Graziano has been in our body shop for more than 30 years, and his expertise in color composition is unmatched.
Claudio, is the "wisest" of our employee (only Renzo is older than him) and has been with us since 1991.
Cristian has been in the team since 2002, and is known as the quick repair technician while Alessandro, with us since 2003, is in charge of the Tintometer.

Renzo also remembers that "in November 2000, my grandson, Thomas, joined the company, and deals with the organization of work and relations with suppliers. In 2008, my wife, Paola, joined me in managing relationships with clients and insurance companies, and since 2009 my nephew Veronica, who deals with administration and accounting. "
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