Achieving good results for bodywork means two things; Unmatched quality in the workshop work and, equally important, maximum efficiency in practical management.
The customer who entrusts us with his car expects not only an impeccable repair, but also, and above all, not having to deal with the administrative and/or bureaucratic aspects related to practical management.
He gives us the keys to his car, often receiving a courtesy car, and then we take care of everything. In this regard, however, there is a lot of administrative work that requires more employees and more checks to be done with regard to the various players in the industry and the numerous rules regulating our business.

Below you will find a list of our services that we provide with passion and professionalism:
- Practical insurance management
- 5 replacement cars
- 1 replacement van
- Repair and replacement of crystals
- Car rental and contract with LeasePlan fleets, VW Leasing and Axus ALD
- Emergency roadside assistance 24 h 
- Scooter Center
- Motorhome repairs
- Hail damage
- Car wash and upholstery
- Specialized aluminum repairs

We take care of picking up and returning vehicles at home, in case of need, and for the "sportsmen" out there, we are able to fit your car with aesthetic and sports equipment, computerized wheel alignment, application of dark films and a convenient quick repair service.

Our team!

Alessandro, the youngest of the team, is a sport-fishing enthusiast, and is accompanied by Kiki.

He has just become the father of a beautiful little girl, and will definitely have his work cut out running around after her...
Impossible to keep up with him, unless you're doing a marathon, or a triathlon, or you're saving a swimmer in peril in the company of the trustworthy Axel.
From the furnaces (albeit in water) to the open air in the company of his lovely family.
A strong and passionate character, in his free time he loves to travel on two wheels to discover the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.
Renzo and Paola
They have so many common interests, from skiing to good cooking, but most important of all is Emma and Gaia and their time spent with them.
Apparently mild, but also very happy in the saddle of his own single-seater!
Together with Cristian, he is involved in some of the most daring and impossible sports; Marathon, triathlon, acrobatic ski ... if a sport still does not exist, perhaps Tommy can invent it!
She has always had to do a great deal to make sure Alessandro becomes a star, her (lucky) reckless groom ...
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